The Beginning

When Phase 2 Entertainment was started in 2010, the idea was to create a brand centered around amateur models. The first website launched was Sexy Maids by Daven. With the idea of showcasing our areas most beautiful amateur models. Every production and online website that are part of our network are created with great deal of care and time. Nothing is rushed as it is our goal to offer our customers a unique product that will keep them coming back for more. In 2010, our first solo girl website was launched and an internet starlet was born! Larine Brea. This Colombian bombshell had all the making of a star and producing this website was exciting. With the success of Larine Brea, I knew the pressure was on me to find another model who would have the same appeal but this is easier said than done.  Casting went on for many months and then one day a stunning young women appeared and right there I knew this was the next star. In 2011. Stephanie was born and so was a new internet sensation. And so the evolution of Phase 2 Entertainment keeps growing. Every year since 2010, we have added new exclusive website's to our lineup.... In 2010 the our Network was born, this gave our affiliates easy access to both programs. Lush Cash and Ndaworks Cash. Our brand is strong and we will continue to develop properties we feel bring strength to our online portfolio.

Dave Johnson

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